X JAPAN コーチェラ初日出演に米国での評価は?

2018年4月16日 15時00分
14日、X JAPANが『Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival』に出演した。

米国のメジャーパブリケーションであるYAHOO.COM(月間52億PV)が、X JAPANのコーチェラ初日について以下のように伝えている。

“As for Coachella Saturday, it belonged to the Queen Bee, the queen of the desert, of course - but she wasn’t the only artist who delivered a fantastically bombastic show.
Over on the far end of the field, in the Mojave Tent, there was some perfect Beyonce counter-programming in the form of X Japan, the only metal band of the entire otherwise largely rock-free weekend. Playing their first U.S. gig since the 2014 Madison Square Garden concert immortalized in their rockumentary We Are X, the Japanese glam legends performed a pyrotechnic, utterly unsubtle set featuring band leader Yoshiki playing a crystal piano while joined by Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland, Guns N’ Roses’ Richard Fortus and - in a different sort of reunion - holograms of the band’s two deceased members, Hide and Taiji. While X Japan may not have had Beyonce’s massive production value (or massive audience), the adjective “epic” very much applied to their ferocious, face-blasting show.”
―― Yahoo News



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