SpaceGrime Launches New Self-Burning First of Its Kind Limited Edition Space Coin X

Coin X will be airdropped on May 31, 2021. In order to be eligible to receive this extremely rare and limited edition airdrop, people will need to buy GRIMEX on PancakeSwap and HODL for a week. GRIMEX is fair and rug-proof, with all of their LP tokens locked via a 3rd party audited smart contract for 4 years. It is a unique token design with secure access and allows peer-to-peer decentralization. Unlike other tokens that tax transactions, GRIMEX is different. It has no high slippage rate, with 1%-2% being more than enough. It's a currency for the future that will go beyond the moon, thus it's right for it to be fair and usable as a currency. GRIMEX also contains incredible features where a user can create their pithy backstory, strap on the trusty spaceship and explore the universe of endless possibilities with SpaceGrime's most interesting space crew. There are new opportunities to explore, new planets and galaxies, and plenty of new challenges that make this whole interaction enjoyable; It's a maze full of NFTs.


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Web Pushは、エキサイトニュースを開いていない状態でも、事件事故などの速報ニュースや読まれている芸能トピックなど、関心の高い話題をお届けする機能です。 登録方法や通知を解除する方法はこちら。