B Lab (iU情報経営イノベーション専門職大学イノベーション研究所)(東京都墨田区、所長 石戸奈々子。以下、B Lab)は、B Lab初の海外拠点「B Lab Singapore」を東南アジアのイノベーションハブと呼ばれるシンガポールに設置します。
シンガポールのコワーキングスペースOne&Co等を拠点とし、シンガポールに進出する研究員や企業の交流プラットフォームやマッチングの機会を提供します。また、iUがMOUを結んでいるシンガポールの大学との連携を視野に、学生のスタートアップ支援の一環として日系企業と連携したアイディアソンやこども向けプロジェクトなどを計画中。B Lab Singaporeを皮切りに、BLabは世界各国に拠点を設け、海外大学や連携を進める企業や自治体とともに、国や世代などありとあらゆる枠を超え、小さな創造から大きな創造までおもしろい未来をみんなでつくります。


B Lab Singaporeのオーガナイザーに株式会社CO&COの伊藤隆彦氏が就任。以下、伊藤よりメッセージ。

B Lab Singaporeのオーガナイザーに就任しました伊藤隆彦です。
これまで日本とシンガポールを中心に様々なビジネスマンと出会い、その未来にいつもワクワクしてきました。このB Labを通じ、そのような瞬間をどんどん繋げ、共創を生み、それをまた広げていくことができると強く感じています。また、僕自身がGeneral Managerを務めるコワーキングスペースOne&Coを、B Labメンバーの共創拠点として活用することも決定しました。オンラインでもオフラインでも、おもしろい未来をつくる参加型プラットフォームとしての活動を支援していければと思います。よろしくお願いします。

B Labの概要

Beyond, Borderless, Breakthroughの頭文字をとった「B Lab」は、研究所と銘打ちながら、世界中の大学・研究所、地域、人材をつなぎ、多くの人の得意技や知見を融合させ、新しい技術、サービス、コンテンツ、ビジネス、社会を生みだす参加型プラットフォームです。
テクノロジー開発、社会課題解決、新サービス創出などスコープは広いですが、共通項は社会実装で、みんなでつくるということ。お父さんもお母さんもおばちゃんも子どももみんな研究員。Lifelong Seekerになり、第2の研究員名刺を持ちます。ソーシャルで、オープンで、参加型で、ユーザーふくめ全ての人がつながり新しい社会を構築し、課題、アイディア、技術、おカネ、スキル、人をマッチングさせ、小さな創造から大きな創造までおもしろい未来をみんなでつくることを目指します。
<関連LINK> https://www.blaboratory.org/
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Creating an interesting future together: B Lab
Singapore becomes B Lab’s first overseas location

B Lab (Innovation Research Lab, iU, Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation) (Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Head: Nanako Ishido; hereinafter “B Lab”) announced the opening of their first overseas location B Lab Singapore, located in Singapore which is known as the hub of innovation in Southeast Asia. B Lab Singapore will be run out of locations such as coworking space One&Co, and will provide researchers and businesses in Singapore a platform for exchange and opportunities for matching. Furthermore, taking into consideration the universities in Singapore iU cooperates and has MOUs with, there are plans to hold ideathons with Japanese companies to support student start-ups, as well as operating programs for children. Starting with B Lab Singapore, B Lab aims to set up locations all over the world. Together with businesses and local government organizations that promote collaboration as well as foreign universities, B Lab aims to transcend time and national boundaries to create an interesting future together through different kinds of creation, both big and small.

A message from CO&CO’s Takahiko Itoh

Takahiko Ito from CO&CO has been appointed as B Lab Singapore’s organizer. Read his message below.

“My name is Takahiko Itoh, and I was appointed as the organizer of B Lab Singapore. I have met with many business people from Japan and Singapore up until now, and have always felt excited about the potential. Through B Lab I strongly believe it will be possible to connect people and inspire cocreation, and that I can help make this widespread. It was decided that the coworking space One&Co, which I am the general manager of, will be used as a cocreation space for B Lab members. I want to support B Lab both online and offline as a participatory platform that creates an interesting future. Thank you.”

About B Lab

The “B” in B Lab stands for “Beyond, Borderless, Breakthrough.” With “Lab” in its name, B Lab is a participatory platform that connects universities, research labs, regions, and human resources across the world, fusing together the talents and knowledge of many people to create new technology, services, content, business, and societies. The ideas of developing technology, solving social problems, and creating new services may seem broad, but what each idea has in common is they all involve social implementation and creating something together. Everyone is a researcher, no matter if you are a father, mother, middle-aged woman or child. Become a lifelong seeker of knowledge, and take along your researcher business card. B Lab is social, open, and participatory. It brings people together to create a new society. Problems, ideas, technology, money, skills, and people are matched together with the aim of creating an interesting future together through different kinds of creation, both big and small.
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